Because you know….

doctor who + faceless
When I was a child, my favorite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he had seen. A man who fell from the stars.



Just in case you missed this on twitter yesterday. Marvel and Star Wars are at it!


So freaking entertaining. 


2008 seems so long ago now.

Alas….it does. 

I freaking loved today’s Google Doodle. 

Character Logo Design: Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow

"Community has pulled off one the most patient easter egg: in one episode of each of the first three seasons, the word "Beetlejuice" was used off-handedly in a joke. If you’ve seen the movie Beetlejuice, the titular mischievous ghost would appear in the world of the living if anyone said his name three times. So, sure enough, on the third mention by a Community character, this guy appears in the background for exactly two seconds. They patiently waited three years to reach that punchline."

Gerard at the Kerrang!Awards {or when celine + leia met gerard} [x]


never forget that that susan came up with the name for TARDIS